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YouTube subscriber and likes

We all know that all youtubers want meaning of subscriber and likes because it is very necessary to connect with people and it is only possible with wide range of likes and subscribers.
But what is the use of likes and subscribers in YouTube?
When we get like we get to know that what kind of videos are trending and what is now in trend, because people not only just like at our videos but also comment at the comment section that what kind of content they want from us. And it is very helpful at the stage of deciding that what kind of videos should we make what kind of useful and entertaining content should be put on our videos. It also useful in deciding that what kind of duration should we make videos, how long and how short. Because timing is very necessity at watching videos. The people also comment that our video should be of short timing and of long duration. So likes help us to making attention paying and trending videos .
As the result when we decide as the basis of likes and subscriber and make videos as per their request and like dislike they come more at channel views become more and hence popularity increases, we promote each other and these only possible with subscribers and likes.
Do likes only helpful for popularity?
At some point likes only helpful for popularity, but when we get more likes and more views at our channel and videos we get paid for that from YouTube, be featured everywhere we get different colors of play button from YouTube as reward so likes does not only for popularity, but can also be for paid and featured.

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  1. Now! i have huge amount of traffic in my youtube channels

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