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promotion app on google play store

When developer publish their application in Google Play Store then it means that you are putting your application in front of of millions of people who are using android device. At the same time you are also in the queue of billions of applications which are present in Google Play Store.


We promote your application on search result based. It means that when customer are searching on products and services by using keywords in Google Play Store then your product will be visible to the customer.

At first you will get positions under 100 result within 30 days it will be position up to 40th rank, again the rank will be updated after 15 days and it will get positions under 40.
Now our next work is to provide the position in top 10 which include 2 months. In first month we will try to gain the position in in top 20 e, once we achieve the target in given time frame we will go for questioning your application in top 10. The whole work take at least 4 to 6 month to rank in Google search result of your product and services.

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